Hi. I'm Benji.

I'm a front-end developer at Top Hat, Pittsburgh's award-winning, boutique web marketing firm. I'm a community volunteer, touring cyclist, squash captain, and father. When I'm not running away from Internet Explorer support requests, I keep busy making beautiful things on computers. I am inspired by my faith, and the fact that every challenge I encounter [on modern web browsers] is fun to overcome.

I'm also a public speaker and advocate for Jamstack, the modern, faster, cheaper method for marketing and personal sites. I love Jekyll because it's old school, but I've worked in almost everything from Flask to Pelican to Gatsby to Eleventy to Nuxt.

Here are some of my more recent thoughts about WordPress:

My work is featured on many sites, including DRS Architects, Reuben's Brews, Revtown Jeans, and Snakedev. My work is also featured at Seongdong Global Experience Center in the City of Seoul, South Korea, but that's another story for another day.

I'm currently working on some secret things, as well as a site for the Mattress Factory (a contemporary art museum), a front-end for the Pittsburgh Python User Group, and an HTML video game.

I'm always up for a challenge.
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