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Hi! I’m Benji.

I’m the founder of Monjibram, a polyglot web development company known for making complex things on the internet. But you might know me better as the creator of Dot Foundry, the diverse range of design talent I call upon to make sure those things are branded and beautiful.

Let’s scope your project.

I’m a WordCamp US speaker. I write about computers, talk about computers, and sometimes I even sleep!

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UI / UX Consultation, Transitions, Animations, Typography, Color, Content Layout

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CSS/SCSS, RESTful APIs and GraphQL, SEO, Jamstack, Vue, React, jQuery

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Security, Site Architecture, Data Indexing, Search, Privacy, User Roles

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Database Maintenance, Continuous Deployment, Environment Migrations, Automation

Thanks to Benji, Cover to Credits has a website that looks and functions beautifully where listeners can discover us. He even created a custom portal to play episodes that is automatically updated when we post!
Working alongside Benji is what every creative wishes the designer/developer relationship would be. Detail-oriented, thorough, and knowledgeable are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing his work ethic.
Full stack developers in a time of frontend and backend specialization are rare, and Ben is one of them. He knows what makes for a great web-based experience for customers - front-end technologies, visual layout, and effective web design.
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Ian GeorgeCo-Founder,
Cover to Credits
Nico GuidicessiDesign Team Lead,
Max SchubertDirector of Security and Quality,

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I've built websites with millions of views, and I've built websites with millions of data points. I make things work right, and I make them work well. And I'm honest, ethical, and care about your needs.

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