Secrets of the Site Container: Part 2

Containers are functional. Containers are necessary. Without them you’re exploring the great unknown of horizontal scrolling on a vertical page. Holding shift when you torque the mousewheel. It isn’t too much to ask to make it beautiful, though, is it?

Secrets of the Site Container: Part 1

Big screens are getting bigger. Wider. Less expensive. Our web experience should be seamless, but our eyes can’t adjust to giant blobby things. Containers to the rescue. But first, a digression about font-size and readability!

Less Than 365 Days of Code

You should be a part of your local software community. You need to learn things. You probably don’t need to learn all of the things, but it’s good for you to learn most of them. You’re supposed to be an expert. But you should also probably have a life.

WP Custom Post Types but Free

Sometimes you’re good at more than one type of thing. That’s OK, you’re human. We like to categorize things and study them logically to distinguish them from each other. We argue about definitions. We like tables. We like lists. We make Custom Types for everything.

Wordpress is a Framework

Lest it fall under the immense weight of my quick and witty Jamstack diatribes, it’s time I defend my dear friend WordPress from a most misleading misconception. WordPress is not simply a CMS. It might be known for its prowess as a CMS, and modern tools might compare themselves to it, but it is much, much more.