WordPress Custom Fields but Free

Cutting-edge web technologies don’t always document features. Either they lack the ability to convey the full scope of their power from the first release, or they release new features gradually after the MVP. That’s pretty much the opposite of the old guard of incredible WordPress plugins. A personal favorite static framework of mine is Jekyll, because it’s simple. But I guess it isn’t so simple after all.

Learn AJAX: Part 2

The universally supported base API for AJAX is called XMLHttpRequest(). We often shorten that to XHR. It is so very much harder for AJAX newcomers to grasp, mostly because the many parts of the HTTP request get separated out into separate pieces of the XHR. If you mess up any of those parts, you won’t have your data. People want their data. People should read this blog.

An Ode to the Object

Let’s talk about my best friend, JavaScript Object Notation. You probably call that jay-son. If you’re really particular or feeling a little bit French, maybe you call it jase-on. Whichever way you call it, you’re almost talking about an associative array.

Pay for Web Development

My first ‘official’ web project was for an old friend, a successful musician with a 5-year-old single page with some links. I was so confident in my delivery that I told him I’d do the project for free! This is bad business, but it wasn’t the worst part. After hours and hours of collaborative design ideation and development, he went out and bought a subscription to a site generator.

You Should Probably JAMstack That

I use WordPress all day every day. It’s extremely customizable and easy for both web administrators and developers. But you don’t need WordPress. You need JAMstack.